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From A Multi-Screen Network to a Single Screen

CLICK to upload, schedule or customize content from any internet connection. Program one or one hundred locations with drag-and-drop convenience.
  • Utilize Easy-to- use screen templates
  • Program 1 or 100 locations at a time
  • Schedule Weekly, Daily or Hourly Playback Segments
  • Reorder Playlists with Drag & Drop Simplicity
  • Change content anytime from anywhere
  • Customize any content using our Proprietary Media Hub
  • Quick expertise using easy context-sensitive rollover help screens.

PLAY what works for you. Play video files, static image files, RSS feeds, news, weather and entertainment.
  • National content in all locations
  • Local content in selected locations
  • On-demand content such as training or product demos
  • All Windows compatible media formats including RSS feeds
  • Content such as health information, news, weather,trivia and entertainment (included in hosted solution)

SELL Your audience premium and
add-on products, and services.
  • Enhance brand identity
  • Communicate with employees and visitors
  • Educate audiences about premium products or services
  • Promote specials and events
  • Broadcast instant messages and safety alerts
  • Expose your markets to the newest technology
  • Impactful messages delivered consistently and professionally